Art Jakarta Journal

On Saturday, Klub Oase's Juru Rupa, went to Art Jakarta art exhibition on 31 August. It's located in the Jakarta Convention Center.

Me and my brother arrived later than the others, which was caused by the traffic that Jakarta often has especially on weekends. It also took a little while to find where the others were.

When we started to look around, I was amazed by how many styles there were in art. Some of them are made from fabric, some are sculptures, and some funny looking art pieces that looked really funky.

In there it was hard for me to focus because being around so many people made me dizzy. But it was fun seeing people's art with in so many styles, themes, story, and shape.

I didn't take pictures that much, and I was dissapointed and regretted I didn't photo more. I didn't even photo all of my favourite artist. I only took 3 out of 6 of my favourite artist's art pieces.

This is one of the three paintings. I like this one because how realistic and perfect the watercolour hands look.

Well it's quite hard to understand what's going on in this painting though. But it is very artistic and nice to look at. The artist really did great in blending the colours.

This is the last one. The artist's name is Ella Wijt. It's nice how simple the concept is yet it looks very calming and artistic. I also like that the top one looks like something that will come out of the Charlie & Lola cartoon.

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